The Journey Home

Nothing fascinates me more than reflection on the journey back home to God.

It is why I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of spiritual studies and growth.

It is also why I created a coaching practice, where I lead others into their own internal freedom and assist to empower them in making positive and lasting changes in their lives. 

I personally do not believe we need to physically die to experience the riches of Heaven – liberation and peace are here for the taking.  One of my core values is the belief that despite any story or past we have endured, healing and transformation can happen.

The following are some of the tools that assist me most:

1) The daily act of surrender – where I continue to forfeit my own ideas for the possibility of a greater divine plan.  I’ve been facing some disappointments lately, where the timing and unfoldment of some events did not match up with my own human ideas.  I remind myself what I ask clients – what about the possibility that there is another possible plan?  Often it is not option A or B, but the unimagined option C (I also like to call this “God’s Option C”).  

2)  Living unabashedly as myself.  As a recovering addict, I KNOW the terrain of masquerading.  I KNOW the terrain of Fake-Town - saying one thing and doing or meaning another. Once I put down these drugs of manipulation, Grace came in so I could line up in my own power and show up in my fullness.  This is an experience NOT to be missed!  It is also a continually humbling, awe-inspiring process to drop the masks and show up authentically, letting my freak flag shine.  We all have our exquisitely unique expression and contribution that the world needs to see – who are we to not share this divine gift with others? 

3)  Using everything in life – everything – for upliftment.  This can be a hard one when I find myself seemingly stuck in the mud.  This is an incredibly precious tenet however that keeps me focused on my North Star.  By looking for the learning in each experience, I know I am utilizing my earth curriculum for spiritual growth.  I personally could not have achieved this without some great teachers, coaches, and support.  If you are looking for help, do not hesitate to find this for yourself.  Sometimes we most need a mirror who can lovingly reflect back to us our vulnerable spots and where opportunities for greater freedom reside. 

At the end of the day, my bottom line is endeavoring to always maintain the awareness that every moment of life can be used for conscious awakening of my journey back home.  I don’t need to wait – the invitation is now.  And I ask you, if you are struggling with an issue you would like to heal, why wait?  Liberation is here for the taking and the Grace to make it happen, when we take those steps toward it, is abundantly available.