I Call the Perfectionism Bluff and I Love Ever More

I've been having quite a bit of fun preparing my workshop on overcoming perfectionism that I'll be giving at the upcoming Spirit Weavers gathering the first two weeks in June.

The title of the class: Self-Celebration: Overcoming Perfectionism and Loving Who We are Right Now!

Of course it is no accident this is the topic I'm speaking on. Oh, but of course.  

As a recovering perfectionist myself, I know this terrain all too well. And I have to say, it's been some of the most challenging curriculum I have endeavored in my consciousness work.

Why? Because at some point, my ego had really bought into this idea that perfectionism was possible. And it thought it had solid "evidence" to support its theories that truly, if I was just evolved and "perfect" already, all will be well and I will be merrily living my life with unshakable confidence, without any uncomfortable feelings or thoughts along the way.

My incredibly zealous, ambitious perfectionist asks, if I had less cellulite on my body, wouldn't I be blissfully dapper every morning, bounding out of bed? And I must be doing something terribly wrong with my spiritual business, if Oprah hasn't called me in yet for Super Soul Sunday? (Yes this high-expectation perfectionist aims pretty high).

I find it symbolic with my house cleaning - my favorite task is to grab the Mr. Clean magic eraser and grandly scrub away at the walls, in an attempt to maintain the pristine purity of all surfaces.

I hope this might give you a chuckle, as it does for me. I am sharing with great tenderness for my perfectionist self, that so earnestly bought into the idea self-value needs to be proven. For buying into the greatest of illusions – that "being perfect" is even real.

These perfectionist/high expectation thoughts can be quite seductive, and in the past, I was completely tortured by them, until I learned how to work with a spiritual solution. Because ultimately, the house of cards, built of illusions, tumbles down when I realize where they ALL come from - the voice of judgment. In this recognition, I always breathe a deep sigh of relief.

This is the voice of againstness, of not enoughness, and impatience. It does not give healing love to my vulnerable parts that need my loving assurance the most.

It is in the present moment where I can give myself the space to accept all of me. The part that worries, the part that fears, the part that dreads, the part that bought into the idea it's not enough. The part that compares and despairs and feels insecure.

These darling aspects must be brought into the sanctity of my heart and loving, where they will be met with unconditional loving and compassion.

Because there is no "out there," only here. And I have learned from my time on the planet so far that discomfort will not kill me, it only makes me expand into greater awareness of the Loving Being that I am, and that I believe we all are.

So in the moments my ego charges out, wanting to judge or criticize, I keep calling it's bluff and love ever more.

I invite you to do the same. Our inner worlds are of the upmost importance, and the words we tell ourselves matter.

What is a part of you that if you think was different, you would be "perfect"? Are you willing to see through the illusion and call the bluff – and even more, CELEBRATE your sacred, beautiful self instead? I submit that you are too divine and beloved to be caught in the illusions of the perfectionism charade.