One On One Coaching:

I offer coaching sessions that are typically 60 to 90 minutes in length.  We meet once a week.  I work in-person with clients in the Bay Area and via Skype with clients worldwide.  Please contact me here for current package pricing.

During our initial session, we will do a life overview and determine what is working/not working for you.  I will assess the best treatment plan for our time together.  Coaching packages are customized based on each individual’s specific needs.  Most clients choose packages that are from 6 months to a year in length.  I do have a minimum commitment of 3 months because this is the amount of time you typically need to see lasting results.

Generally speaking, during the course of a coaching package:

  • We spend some time in the past, to shine the light on anything that needs to be cleared and healed.

  • We spend time in the present and work with current situations and conditions.

  • We look to the future, to see what you would like to create stepping into your new self.

Through our work together, you will be challenged to rise to higher levels of being.  We will shine a light on any obstacles, negative behaviors, thought patterns, or misguided beliefs that prevent you from living your fullest expression.  I am committed to assisting your inner transformation such that you can flourish and step into your Highest Self.  As your coach, I will be by your side, as an advocate of your truest expression.

Group Work and Guided Meditations:

I am available for guided meditations and workshops on spiritual topics for larger groups.

Workshops and guided meditations are meaningful and motivational services for employees, which can greatly enhance team rapport and relations.  Please contact me here to tell me more about your organization and your exact needs so we can develop a plan and program specifically tailored to you.  

One-one-coaching for co-workers is also a powerful way to provide mental, emotional and spiritual support for employees.  This investment often provides very successful results for employers and employees.  Please contact me here to tell me more about the services you’re seeking so I can respond to your needs.

Transform your consciousness, transform your life.
— Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick