I have been dedicated to Truth and helping others to find it for themselves ever since I began my own personal recoveries. I first became sober from alcohol and drugs, which was a tremendous blessing and miracle for me that I never thought would be possible.  

My journey didn’t end there however.  While sober from substances, I then began to hit a number of emotional and spiritual bottoms.  It was devastating to act out in such self-deprecating and harmful behavior when I had nobody to “blame” but myself — when alcohol and drugs were no longer in the picture.  My real issues — the ones that had caused my substance abuse in the first place — were beginning to surface.

I know what it is like to put “the guy” before my own self and to make other people my higher power.  I know the routine of living paycheck to paycheck, doing work that doesn’t reflect my soul’s yearnings.  And I will never forget the dull feeling inside my chest that I experienced from doing all the “right” things that society deems to be successful, but still being full of anxiety and worst of all, despair.

After years of cumulated pain, finally something in me snapped and I knew I had to take action.  Some part of me knew I didn’t need to unnecessarily suffer in life.  Yes, there would be challenges, but there had to be a different way of dealing with them!  The readings of Eckhart Tolle inspired me at that time to take a deeper look at my unconscious beliefs that were constricting me to a very unpleasant, strained existence for myself.  I then enrolled in an intense Master’s in Spiritual Psychology program, which truly helped me have the tools I needed to heal myself.

It has been said that “The only way out is through,” and it has been through this deep work of transforming my own consciousness that I have learned how to free myself from these painful patterns and reconnect with Spirit.  I now have a quiet mind at night when I’m home alone and preparing for bed.  I now know how to distinguish whether it is my ego or my soul speaking to me.  As a result, I have had the great honor of becoming more acquainted with my soul — the divine spark, untouchable place of peace, that I believe lives within us all.  And from that place, I believe with all my heart that anything is possible.  ANYTHING.

You may be asking, “But how do you get from there—a dejected, guilt/shame-ridden girl clinging to the chair for dear life), to here—a confident, strong woman living life to the fullest as her Authentic Self?”  

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This is where my life purpose comes in.  I am a living testament that this work in consciousness works.  As a coach, I help my clients do the inner work present for them so they can also free themselves from their negative patterns and live a life where their dreams are possible.  As a person who has actually lived through these challenges and overcome them, I now offer myself to you as an experienced, loving, heartfelt guide who can assist you in living the life of which you’ve always dreamed.  You deserve it and believe me, it is all possible.

With Love and Respect,

Happiness is possible, and you deserve it.
— Bonne Chance