Your Holy Truth

It takes great courage to unleash the holy truth of our essential natures. 

To do so, in my experience, requires the continual slaying of dragons by relinquishing the barriers that keep me in separation from my Heart.

It also means using experiences, especially the obstacles, tests and hurdles, in life for growth and learning, so that I can continually propel my soul forward on its path of evolution, instead of getting stuck in negativity and emotions of againstness.  These thoughts often run in the form of “this shouldn’t be happening,” “why is this happening to me?,” “life is so unfair because…”

Having lived through the bottoms of many addictions myself, I know all too well the territory of being broken inside.  I know the feeling of waking up in terror at the idea of living another day of empty existence.  Of feeling lonely surrounded by people, and unfulfilled no matter what accomplishments I achieved that society would normally deem “successful.”

By dedicating myself to the path of spiritual awakening, and assisting others in their transformations, I can use these years of suffering in service.  We are born from our own experiences.  It is hard to imagine the broken path unless you have lived it.  But it is absolutely possible to pick oneself up at any moment, with commitment and willingness – no matter how far along you find yourself on the scale of suffering.

Take a minute today to create a quiet moment for yourself.  Block out any noise that may be happening around you.  Look into your own eyes in the mirror.  Take 10 seconds to look into the eyes staring back at you.  Who is this person?  What do they need? What do they desire?  If you could take one step in taking action on the answers you hear, what would it be?  Don’t judge with the ego/mind what comes up – just receive it without any qualification.  Are you willing to follow through on this step?

We must keep shining, awakening, growing and healing together.  It is always a choice.  What greater spiritual calling could exist than to demonstrate our freedom by unlocking the magnificence of our souls and living into this awareness fully – without judgment but with great heart?