Living with Heart

How does one live a heart-centered life?

For me, it means clearing away the inner debris that blocks the recognition of my soul and ability to live in attunement with my Heart’s inner wisdom and knowing.

I personally have lived in desperate states of addiction, and can say there is nothing more frightening than to lose oneself in the outer world, living in bondage to inner demons.  It used to be impossible for me to sit with myself in my own room and hear the silence.  My addict mind tried everything in its power to escape itself, including men, financial binging, drugs and alcohol.

What I realized in getting through to the other side of this self-destructive world, is the priceless gift of connecting to my center within.  The center will not lie and is the truth that I return to for constant alignment and support.  These are the connection pathways with which I love assisting clients in creating for themselves.  When we know how to lift ourselves out of the ashes, we become sacred companions to ourselves.  Our hearts receive joy, connection, and inspiration simply by the gift of our beings.  The heart then becomes a magnetic force to which our souls yearn to experience more of.

At the end of the day, in my eyes, the physical world is limiting.  We can only go so far.  But consciousness is bountiful and never-ending.  We can access these powerful access points within ourselves.  For me, this means accessing peace no matter what outer circumstance is happening around me.  This is a high order in a society where we’re mostly conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers and validation.  How ironic that for all the searching externally, the greatest peace is within our own hearts.
This center of peace and calm is within us all, and I believe it is all of our divine callings to reside within this place as much as possible.  When we get “off course,” no matter what the issue, I am so grateful for and humbled by the ability to steer myself back home.