I was reflecting the other day on how stuck I used to feel with everything in life. At one point, as an active addict, I was stuck in bottles. Stuck in powder. Stuck in addictive cycles and relationships that chained me to patterns I never thought I could break free from.

Over time, once I set these painful addictions down, which was a journey all onto its own, I alarmingly started to see how I could become "stuck" in multiple other ways as a human being on this earth. Stuck in my thinking, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, and cycles of worry and guilt that would leave my stomach churning with the thoughts I was feeding myself. It was still my default mechanism for my brain to play those cards - jealousy, resentment, anger, worry, fear and guilt - and I could play them all too well. Nobody was winning in this equation however except the aspects of my ego that sought to keep me down and play small.

It is only through the work in consciousness that I have learned the process of setting myself free inwardly of these painful patterns. The most powerful learning of all, in my eyes, has been witnessing how breaking free from these limitations lets the power of my own soul to emerge. It has room to breathe and explore. It can bust through the old BS, flourish, shine and "be." Turns out I have a penchant for throwing on costumes in my apartment and dancing to house music (anyone with me?!) What a humbling awareness to recognize I likely never would have REALIZED!! this precious fact if I hadn't done the work to excavate my spirit from within. I would have missed out on the life that is happening within me. I wouldn't have met and rejoiced in consciously greeting the all-encompassing power of my Soul.

The issue of personal universe and discovery holds the greatest interest to me and my heart, and it is the work I love doing with others in assisting them to lay down their limitations so they can experience the freedom of living within. After years of being stuck, feeling the freedom of my inner being is one of the most precious gifts I've ever lived. How can you dip into your own soul today? What makes your soul and spirit feel ALIVE and awakened?

You have seen my descent. Now watch my rising.
— Rumi